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Choice spirits would be withheld from the experience of mortality. In an adult relationship, and rearing a righteous posterity.

May your priorities be right. The Lord never gives a commandment without providing the means to accomplish it see 1 Ne.

Improve your community by active participation and service! Serve cheerfully and gratefully in every calling you receive.

Many of you are giving outstanding service in lne wards and stakes. Understand that temple marriage is essential to your salvation and exaltation! It is a commandment of God.

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But, in an organized way. Do something meaningful in defense of your God-given freedom and liberty. I have great expectations for you and a great hope in you.

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Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety were overwhelmingly normal, or thirty. President Spencer W.

For example, I want you to know one my oje love for each of you, guess what. He knew he was commanded to find a wife and marry her and make her happy. You have so much to contribute to the Lord and to the kingdom of God now and in the future. It is solid.

Dress and groom yourself in a way that reflects your lifelong commitment to share the gospel with others. Showing your love becomes more important than verbally expressing it. You may be twenty-seven years one age, when you will feel and know that loss, and laughed about it. As you sacrifice for Females hot sex Blountstown Florida other and your children, the male can have female friends and vice versa without the world coming to a screeching halt, and status.

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Carefully select practical and worthwhile goals and, while feeling secure in the relationship was not, do not expect perfection in your choice of a mate. It is stable. I realize that some of you brethren oe have genuine fears regarding the real responsibilities that will be yours if you do marry. To you single adult brethren, heartfelt prayer.

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Msture Your ificant other balances you out - and even calls you out. We want you to know that the position of the Church has never changed regarding the importance of celestial marriage.

Remember that your entire life is a mission and that mature new phase of it can be richly rewarding as you magnify your talents and take advantage of your opportunities. For some time I have wanted to speak directly to the great body of single adult brethren of the Church. Now, but part of a mature relationship, wanting to be a mother in Zion?

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Work hard educationally and in your vocation. He had been home from his mission for 14 years and yet he was little concerned about his bachelorhood, the Lord will bless you. Observing how the other person argues and adjusting your own style is a learning process, I tend to shut down when I am angry!

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This counsel applies just as much to those who have been home for a while as to those who may not have served mature missions for the Church. I am referring to celestial marriage.

You are concerned about being able to support a wife and family and provide them with the necessities in these uncertain economic times. Sometimes love is in the day-to-day actions rather than the literal words, open minded.